Top 10 Facts About Jo Koy

Jo Koy has now debuted on Netflix with the special show Jo Koy: Live from Seattle. It’s his 3rd comedy special and he has managed to carve a career as a comedian since the 1990s.

“We’ve printed many shirts for his fans when he came to Hawaii to perform. And we sold out!” –

1. Jo Koy is a standup comedian, who often uses his background as a half-white and half-Filipino background for his humor. According to Jo Koy, “Filipinos are Asians, except we look like Mexicans.” The Philippines was ruled by Spain for almost 400 years.

2. Jo Koy’s real name is Joseph Glenn Herbert. His stage name came from a family nickname he had while he was growing up. He didn’t think his real name was catchy enough, and when he was thinking about using a new name his aunt was calling him “Jokoy”, which then became his stage name. Continue reading “Top 10 Facts About Jo Koy”

About Comedian Lavell Crawford

What do you really know about Lavell Crawford? If you often watch TV, then you must have seen him as Huell Babineaux, the taciturn bodyguard of Saul Goodman in the iconic TV show Breaking Bad as well as in the spinoff Better Call Saul.

Yet you may have also seen his standup comedy performance on stage, where his energetic presence is quite a change from his TV demeanor. He jokes about growing up raised by his mom, including many humorous observations that touch on race, weight, and poverty. Here are some other facts that you should learn about this rapidly rising standup comedian:  Continue reading “About Comedian Lavell Crawford”