About Comedian Lavell Crawford

What do you really know about Lavell Crawford? If you often watch TV, then you must have seen him as Huell Babineaux, the taciturn bodyguard of Saul Goodman in the iconic TV show Breaking Bad as well as in the spinoff Better Call Saul.

Yet you may have also seen his standup comedy performance on stage, where his energetic presence is quite a change from his TV demeanor. He jokes about growing up raised by his mom, including many humorous observations that touch on race, weight, and poverty. Here are some other facts that you should learn about this rapidly rising standup comedian: 

  1. In the 1990s, he often performed on BET’s ComicView. However, he didn’t really become popular back then.
  2. His breakthrough came with his appearance on the 5th season of Last Comic Standing on NBC. He was 39 at the time and he admitted that in those days he was still working at Best Buy to get by. He even had to live with his mother. However, Lavell ended up 2nd in the show and she even beat out Amy Schumer who finished 4th.
  3. Lavell wasn’t surprised that standup comedians like him ended up in a show as dark as Breaking Bad. For him, comedians are like the comic book villain The Joker, and they can switch to evil very easily. He thinks that most comedians have a dark side, which is why many of them feature painful episodes in their lives as part of their comedy routine.

For him, it was an honor to be part of the show, and it was great for him to work with such a talented cast.

  1. Lavell is a huge man, and his obesity has been part of his jokey repertoire. However, the medical risks of the condition weren’t really funny for him, especially when he reached a weight of 475 pounds. He then stunned the industry when he was able to reduce his weight by 120 pounds in 2016. He has a very young son and a wife, and he wants to live a long life with them.

His weight loss methods included a gastric sleeve operation. In addition, he also got into jiu-jitsu training to help him with his weight loss efforts.

  1. Just recently, he has received substantial criticism from the LGBT community after he made comments about how homosexuality is “still not the norm”. He has since apologized for the comments, and has emphasized that he respects everyone regardless of their sexual orientation. He has also revealed that his own father is openly gay.
  2. Lavell is now based in Houston, and he thinks that the big state is a great match for his big size. He acknowledges that the city offers numerous food places, but he admits that he can’t get to them because he’s conscious about keeping the lost pounds away. He says he now has lost a total of 135 pounds, and in his words: “I ain’t going back.”

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