About the Laughing Samoans Comedy Show

The Laughing Samoans is a well-known comedy duo from New Zealand. The duo was formed by Eteuati Ete and Tofiga Fepulea’i. Both of them are of Samoan descent hence the name “Laughing Samoans”. The duo has successfully toured New Zealand with shows that are all sold out, plus having international shows in United States, Australia, London, Hawaii, Fiji and the Cook Islands back in 2009. As of current, the Laughing Samoan tour is still ongoing with new venues and dates constantly added to the duo’s tour circuit.

Career Start 

The Laughing Samoan’s first ever professional show was in when Tofiga and Ete did the “Laughing With Samoans” show in February 2003. It was in the New Zealand Fringe Festival in the Wellington Town Hall’s Illott Chamber, New Zealand. The show was an instant hit being sold out in Wellington, Auckland and then featuring a return season again in Wellington. 

The Laughing Samoans Comedy Show

The “Laughing With Samoans” first featured with 3 people – Tofiga being the MC, James Nokise, a young Samoan comedian as the opening act while Ete will be the main attraction. However, after the end of their first ever Auckland show, Ete and Tofiga then decided to make their performances as a two-man show since James Nokise wanted to travel overseas.

The Laughing Samoans comedy shows were such a hit that people then started to refer to Tofiga and Ete as the “Laughing With Samoan Guys”. Because of that, the group then decided to shorten the name and thus came into the Laughing Samoans as a comedy duo now featuring Ete and Tofiga. This became the start of the world-renowned comedy performances of the duo with sold out concerts all over the world.

Tofiga Fepulea’i and Eteuati Ete grew up both as two of the members of the Samoan Congressional Christian Church. In the church, Ete’s father was a minister while Tofiga’s father was a lay pastor. They know each other for years but it was not until the first show that Ete asked Tofiga to MC for him and then their comedic chemistry became evident and forged.

Laughing Samoans Comedy Show

Career Highlights 

The very first show of Ete and Tofiga as a duo was in October 2004 called “A Small Samoan Wedding.” This show was yet another hit being sold out all throughout New Zealand and in other countries. The show has sell-out shows in Sydney, Australia during the Big Laugh Festival as well as the 5,000 seater in the fMf Dome back in Fiji.

At the same time, the “Laughing Samoan’s” first show was a hit in with over 2,000 seater occupied in the National Auditorium of Rarotonga. Then there includes the shows and performances in Hawaii and all of US. With worldwide success, the Laughing Samoans continued to produce and tour new shows for every twelve months. With every new show, they perform in large venues and in more places.

The shows of Laughing Samoans include Old School back in 2005, Off Work in 2006, Crack Me in 2015 and the current show is Prettyfull Woman. The Laughing Samoans all but continue to bring great shows that every year and traveling around the world to entertain people and make a difference in their lives.

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