Top 10 Facts About Jo Koy

Jo Koy has now debuted on Netflix with the special show Jo Koy: Live from Seattle. It’s his 3rd comedy special and he has managed to carve a career as a comedian since the 1990s.

“We’ve printed many shirts for his fans when he came to Hawaii to perform. And we sold out!” –

1. Jo Koy is a standup comedian, who often uses his background as a half-white and half-Filipino background for his humor. According to Jo Koy, “Filipinos are Asians, except we look like Mexicans.” The Philippines was ruled by Spain for almost 400 years.

2. Jo Koy’s real name is Joseph Glenn Herbert. His stage name came from a family nickname he had while he was growing up. He didn’t think his real name was catchy enough, and when he was thinking about using a new name his aunt was calling him “Jokoy”, which then became his stage name.

3. His father was an Air Force service man stationed in the Philippines. As Jo Koy said, “Other soldiers were fighting for their country—my dad was dating!” The US took over the rule in the Philippines after Spain. After the country gained its independence after WW2, the US maintained military bases in the country, where Jo Koy’s father was eventually stationed.

4. Jo Koy jokes a lot about growing up with a Filipina mother in the US. He pokes fun at certain typical traits such as the extensive use of Vick’s Vaporub. He once said that his mother used Vick’s for just about any medical condition, including pneumonia and insomnia.

5. He has also humorously commented on her mother’s penchant for 2-hour-long lectures whenever he was being scolded for doing something wrong. J Koy said that his mom never hit him, but the extended diatribes were somehow worse—he would have preferred to get hit instead!

6. It was actually his mom who encouraged his comedic talent to blossom. She encouraged Jo Koy to take part in various talent shows in his school, while he also held performances for family and friends while growing up.

7. He was actually a student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), but he dropped out to perform as a professional comedian instead. He started in open mike nights at a Las Vegas comedy club, and then moved to a regular show at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

8. Afterwards, he staged comedy shows where he did just about everything. As he once confessed, “I was the booker. I was the promoter. I was selling advertising.”

9. He did have a day job in Vegas, and fact he was offered a lucrative valet attendant job—which he refused to the amazement of his friends. It was a job so highly valued that there was a waiting list for it.

10. However, Jo Koy has managed to succeed in standup comedy. He has appeared in numerous TV specials over the years. He was even one of the few comics who received a standing ovation after performing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno back in 2005. Now he’s based in LA, where he has a condo and a house that he bought for $2.2 million!

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